Our mission is to promote a culture of urban food sustainability by educating our community about progressive food production systems through research, development, and hands-on training.
We serve the community of Missoula, Montana.
Our vision is a town
that can feed itself.

What does a "culture of food sustainability" mean?
It means that members of our community understand where their food came from, how it was made, who made it, and what its true costs beyond the dollar bill are. That people feel a sense of connectedness to their food and an appreciation of the resources entailed in its creation. That people see food as a key to building healthy bodies, robust economies, and sustainable communities.

What does "progressive food production system" mean?
It means growing and processing food in ways that are place-appropriate, historically-informed, long-term health-oriented, and modernly-equipped. Place-appropriate means growing food that doesn't have to be tricked, chemically-laden, or unsustainably powered to grow here. Historically-informed means drawing from the lessons of practitioners' successes and failures and building new understandings of sustainability in action. Long-term health-oriented means building soil, reducing inputs, and improving the health of people and the environment with a focus on future generations. Modernly-equipped means using technology in a way that increases energy efficiency and human economy without losing focus of what makes progressive food production systems truly progressive. In short, these systems are designed to feed people healthfully and sustainably in the modern urban environment now and into the future.

What does "research, development, and hands-on training" mean?
It means taking a scientific approach to creating progressive food production systems so we can share our findings with Missoula and the online community at large. Providing a context in which to educate ourselves and our community, and sharing our understanding in action of how to produce food as a hobby, lifestyle, or business.