Manufacturing Incubator

The Manufacturing Incubator provides a safe, empowering place for the community to make tools that improve local food economy.

We envision a technologically self-sufficient local food economy, and we believe an incubator is the place to start.

Our 2000 square foot warehouse space, equipped with a broad variety of tools and equipment, provides the means for entrepreneurs, tinkerers, and curious citizens to actualize their ideas into working prototypes. We have a large feedstock of junk bicycles from our relationship with Free Cycle which act as the primary raw material source for many inventions.

We have already created two recycled cargo bicycles in the space and have assisted a tenant fabricate a longboard-rack for U of M students to lock their skateboards rather than taking them into class.

This space is a breeding ground for makers to manifest their practical ideas into appropriate technologies that solve simultaneous problems of food and (metal) waste.