We can sum up our values in one word:

Stewardship means "the responsible planning and management of resources [and]...can be applied to the environment and nature, economics, health, property, information, theology, etc."1

Another source defines it as such:

"the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the world. It is the inclination which leads some part of the world to care for the whole; it is the practice of that inclination. Stewardship is the mantle under which operate all of the progressive causes ― human rights, conservation, economic welfare, government reform and oversight, education, health care, disaster relief, animal welfare, mental health, peace.

"...stewardship is a perpetual institution, existing in all times and all places. It includes countless persons, working alone or working together, most without regard to their affiliation to the whole. And yet they are connected, and not merely by the common purpose which leads them all to take responsibility for the world they inhabit.

"The stewardship is, first and foremost, a phenomenon of the universe. It is a force in the universe which acts to preserve the universe from harm. Primarily this takes place through the actions and due to the will of individual minds. Individuals feel the sense of responsibility; individuals act to care for the universe. The stewardship, then, is the collective of all those individuals, the cumulative effect of their actions."2

Blue Sky embodies stewardship with our community in an open source manner to improve the health of our community, economy, and environment.

With this intent, we research and develop progressive food production systems. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure these systems provide for people, place, and profit in a holistic return on investment.

We also share information openly and freely so that the community can learn from our mistakes and improve upon our systems. We do not believe our information is "owned" by anyone, nor that it should cost anyone money to access it. Our information is your information. This applies to anything and everything we publish.